Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Got the scoot

8 Days to go...Well I picked up the Sym HD200 that I'm riding across country. I test rode it last Sunday and was very impressed with the handling and ease of riding. I am heading to Curts' to put a GPS on the scoot. I will need to get a rear tire and variator belt belt, oil change and spark plug replaced before I leave in order to feel secure about the 3,356 mile journey...

Most of the riders participating in this event have been prepping their scooters for over a year and have had ample time to be ready for this Endurance Challenge! I have had only a couple of weeks but have had great support from my close circle of friends in the scooter community in order to make it safely. Maybe by not having months or years to plan will give me a clearer mind. Ya know "Just do it" attitude!?

This journey will be a test of endurance, scooter stamina, mental ability, judgment, and DESIRE! Mentaly I am ready. Mechanically I feel safe riding a modern "Twist and Go" scooter. I am sharing a room with Glasseye and Rolfie and have a gas card. Food and water, no worries. Health, getting rid of a small cold but overall am feeing good! No time for winers on this trip. I have to admit that I have never really had a desire to travel across the US. I have done countless trips across Western Europe but the US has never really had a strong appeal to me. But traveling across the US with 25 thats a story to tell the grandchildren huh!


Anonymous said...

Speaking as a SYM HD200 owner myslef, who just finished my first long trip (300 miles). I'm pretty confidentt you're gonna make it!

- Tommy
(see the cool unauthorized logo I made for SYM)

Pistol Pete said...

Thanks. This scoot will go west to east then ride back to the west coast. Not sure if my butt will make it!