Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We left Saledia around 8am with the temp being in the high 20’s. Thank God I had my scooter skirt cause it was frick’n cold! The temp stayed cool throughout the whole ride through Colorado. Gradually the terrain went from sculptured mountain range with wildlife and carving rivers to flat terrain that stretched out like a flat blanket corn.

I could feel and see the change it the environment and people. No more lush vastness, runners and bicyclists on the side of the road but rather the sound of big diesel trucks, the smell, many people smoking and the sights of economically strapped America.

The temp changes once I passed into Kansas. Much warmer and LOTS-O- BUGS. This is where there are lots of farms hence the insects. I stopped to walk in the path of the Santa Fe wagon trail ruts and was attacked by grasshoppers.

So tomorrow is a short riding day and its nothing but flat open riding…

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