Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well my face feels like an old catchers glove. I should put on some sunscreen…
Anyhow we left the sublime beauty of Utah. Sob, sob, and head out for our next big adventure though the state of Colorado. I wasn’t too cold when we left Utah but as we ascended to the San Juan Skyway the temp dropped to 30 degrees and the wind chill did not help any.
Well the scenery trumped any aches and pains I had. Sublime beauty, which left me speechless. No words could explain how I felt!

So in a nutshell the ride was challenging, beautiful we had no major breakdowns, my SYM scooter ran flawlessly, I got to go head to head with Patrick fer a spell and now I go to sleep fer another amazing view into Americas ventana.

But wait Pete; where are the pics….

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