Friday, September 12, 2008


Well my day started out with getting up before dawn to catch the sun rise over Mono Lake. I hiked a mile to the waters edge to capture the beauty of the Tufa formations. WOW!

When I returned everyone was taking off on today’s journey across Nevada to Utah. I was one of the last people to leave. About 10 miles out of Lee Vining I came across Joel Hamilton and his demolished GTS. Something happened when he was going around a fast left hander. Jess saw it happen and described it as a ginger breadman being thrown across the terrain. Joel escaped with a bruised back and sore hand but the bike is totaled.

So the trooper he is he took some advil, jumped on Bobo GTV and continued on with the journey. We stuck together along with he support truck and enjoyed the ride instead of racing the clock.

The ride through Nevada was long VERY STRAIT! I was still tired from the past few days and if it wasn’t fer the energy drinks well…The highlight was stopping at Area 51, the town of Rachel and getting some Alien swag.

Todays 420 miles was a challenge fer my tired body. When we reached Utah the terrain brightened up and so did my energy. As we neared Cedar City UT the hills looked like they were on fire! The red rock lit up by the sunset looked soo insane. We all congregated at the hotel and shared storied of the days mishaps from speeding tickets to Joels’ accident to asking “Where’s the manual scooters?” 9pm and K-dog rolled into town. The other two Vespas were still in Caliente Nevada at 9:30 about 1hr 45min away.

Ritch is doing OK but feels there is oil on his variator belt soo he'll replace it in the morning. Rolfie has a bad cold and is not stoked about it.

Tomorrow’s a shorter but more scenic and technical ride. I should post some pics from the past two days at the rides end. I am doing fine and the SYM scooter is performing well, I just need to get some sleeeeeeeep.


Michael said...

Okay Peet.
Keep the rest of the VCLG contingent focused and upright. Like I said on the board I made it last time on Red Bull and Snickers bars, but I wouldn't recommend that diet to anyone.

Buena Suerte! BTW, Rolfie's always grumpy on CBR. Buy him a Ketel One over at the next bar. The club will pay for it :)

Joel Hamilton said...

Pete, you RULE for cruising with me after the wreck. Made the day fun instead of stewing over the details...
Thanks, Bro. I wont forget that one.