Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ritch found that the variator rollers were soaked in oil so he’ll clean it and be good to go for the start of the race.

Man Utah "Life Elevated" is insanely beautiful! Cudos to Patrick for choosing this route. We experienced picturesque rides through the Colorado Plateau region. It was very hard to not stop and soak in the vast natural beauty.

We took off from fiery red hilled Cedar around 8 am and it was colder than a witch’s tit! So the first of many riders down today was Mark from New York slid his scoot into the embankment going too hot onto a lefthander. He salvaged some parts from joel’s scoot and continued on his way. At this point while all the top riders stopped to help. This was my opportunity to race the master! Patrick. And so it was head to head competition which only lasted a short stint do to some of the most beautiful terrain EVER!

To there were many mishaps on todays rides but I will keep you in suspense. Or if you cant wait then check out the other blogs…

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