Monday, September 6, 2010

Leaving Utah

Well reluctantly I am leaving Salt Lake City. I have spent almost 3 weeks here and have met some incredibly cool people, gone on some majestic rides, eaten delish vegan meals, had some wild nights, and have been challenged and overcome many physical and emotional obstacles. I have made excuses to not wanting to leave this area but I know that I will return to experience and share more of the love I have been given!

This chapter will now end only to start another phase in my journey of life. With three days to go I am off to Vancouver BC to the start of the famed Scooter Cannonball where over 20 people will test their physical and mental limits on scooters across North America.

I ready for this challenge and am open to what the future has in store for me...

Well didn't leave Salt Lake City till 4:30 PM. John Southerland helped me put a power source for my GPS. Then we went to have Falafel's and then Kevin and Shannon Hanson came by to partake in John's scooter shop.

I blazed a trai on the Interstate 15 and 84 all the way to Twin Falls. Riding into the sun SUCKS and riding through millions of small bugs at sunset also SUCKS! I did encounter a small confrontation outside of Salt Lake from a stupid Farmer wanting me to hurry up at the gas station..and pushed my gas situation where I made it to the gas station on fumes! Stupid!

8pm arriving at the Days Inn in Twin Falls, ID to get warm, rested and do blog and photo stuff. Hope to leave early tomorrow and put in as many miles as possible. I still have 2 days and 763 miles to get to Vancouver BC by Wed night. No worries I just need to fill the spare gas incase I reach any long stretches wheres theres no gas stations. Todays average speed was 68.4 mph with a top speed of 79.4 mph and I rode 224 miles for 3hr 16 min. Will make the 488 mile trek to Yakima; no problem...Maybe further???

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-april said...

Yo, Pete! Best of luck from the crew at Scoot! Magazine!!!!