Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scooter Cannonball 2010

Got my KYMCO People S 250, Corazzo 5.0 leather jacket, Heidenau tires, SIP Spare parts, Shad top case, Macbook pro, Cannon 7D and I'm ready to roll on a 7K adventure. This years preparation is much better. I have clocked 7k miles so far on this scoot riding to Amerivespa in San Antonio, Texas then to Salt Lake City and then back to California. I feel comfortable with the scoot as opposed to the 2008 Cannonball where I only had 8 days of prep from getting the scoot to leaving on the 3,700 mile ride across America.

Well like the last Scooter Cannonball adventure this would not be happening without sponsors...KYMCO USA for the killer scooter and major support, Corazzo for the comfortable and safe riding gear, John Bettencourt of Heidenau Tires USA for the insanely handling tires, Scoot Magazine for the love and support and SIP Scootershop for the cool aftermarket parts I need for my scooter.

Not only will you be able to read about my travels on this blog but I will be writing another Cannonball article for SCOOT! magazine and photos can be seen on my Flicker site here.
2008 Cannonball photos can be seen here and the SCOOT! article can be read here.

I will be Starting on my 7K miles, 1.5 month adventure from Salt Lake City where I will ride to Yellowstone National Park then head North/West to the Cannonball starting point of Vancouver, BC. I'll do the 10 day Cannonball journey then head south to the KYMCO Factory. From there I'm off to New Orleans to hang with the New Orleans Scooter Cooperative boys who will be hosting next years Amerivespa! Then it's off to a scooter rally in Austin Texas, For a few Scooters more . While in Texas I'll head to Lubbock, Texas to hang with my special Lubbock family, Eric, Judy, and Lauren. Then it's back to through New Mex and the Four Corners to Salt Lake City to complete this incredible voyage of a lifetime.

The Cannonball route is this and here is my return route. I would love to hook up with other scooter enthusiasts along my travels so feel free to leave a post!

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