Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Two

Day 2 and the weather was better as we started with a crisp morning. I
wore multiple layers under my Corazzo Gear to keep that 40 degree
chill from numbing my body!
Todays route took us out of Canada into Idaho and through Montana. It
was also the most technical part of this journey so far. I fell in
love with the route through Montana! Long sweeping roads mixed with
tight and twisty logging lanes, which were well suited for my S250. I
have to say that the 16 inch wheels mixed with the Heidenau tires made
me feel very stable when pushing hard into the corners. I put had my
feet on the rear pegs and rode it more like a motorcycle than a
Today was also the day I pushed it the hardest as I rode with a gifted
rider, Bodacious, who has no fear! Almost all day I had the throttle
open all the way!
Oh and the scenery was extremely incredible too! Topaz blue lakes,
vibrant green foliage draped the mountain range and tons of wildlife,
which I had to dodge a few times! Everyday has been a new adventure
and I look forward to tomorrows challenge as I am currently in 3rd

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