Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 3

Well Cannonball Day 3. The Day started out early as Cynthia and I wanted to get out of the park early to beat the tourist traffic. We witnessed incredible natural beauty which left me breathless! It was by far the coldest morning at about 30 degrees. There was snow on the mountain range amen nd we hit construction after we headed over the pass. I encountered steers on the road, deer trying to figure out which way to go when crossing the road and several toes of flying foul.
On the half way part of the trip my GPS started wigging out. So for some reason it sent me to the previous check point when I should have been going to check point #2. Wen that sent me back an hour so I can kiss the 3rd spot good bye. Then when I was on the dusty, twisty, and challenging dirt road of Evens Riceview I used my extra gas can to to fill my tank and when I went to start the scoot the battery was dead!!! I have been having issues with the battery . So I got a jump and it started again but when I started to take off there wasn't enough power to make the scooter continue. I checked the battery water level and three of the cells were dry! I guess running the battery down with an over excess of accessories in not a good option to do on a scooter.
Soo I called the numbers of who I could think of but all were still on the road. The support truck did not have cell service way out here in the country :(

Well in was a local woman who came to the rescuer. In fact all the people in this area of Montana were extremely helpful! Giving me powdered donuts, Candy orange slices, and the number of the local motorcycle shop that had a new battery for me.
Then the scooter Cannonball riders came to the rescue. Mike on his Helix offered to go back the 30 plus miles to Grand Falls to pick up my battery! Wow!

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