Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cannonball 2008 final thoughts

Well I enjoyed the ride and look forward to the next ride in two years. I saw the US in a different light. I had done lots of traveling abroad and honestly had no desire to see the US. I'm soo glad I did this trip. t opened up my mind immensely. Riding with a 172cc scooter was OK...I'd recommend a 250cc to really enjoy the ride and have the power for the big climbs.

The Scooter Cannonball only happens every two years. I hope to be more prepared next time instead of having two weeks to prep an unknown scooter. The SYM HD200 did me well! So check out my photos of the ride on flickr. Thanks to all who helped me make this happen and see ya in two years!

Feel free to ask me any question regarding...whatever you like.
Ciao, Pistol Pete

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